What is an Endowment?

An endowment is donation of money or property for the ongoing support of the Church.  The Principal is usually kept in tact and investment income is made available for use.  An Endowment allows donations to have an impact over a long period of time.

Goals in Support of Resolution to Create Endowment

- Faithful and prudent management of God's gifts including accumulated and appreciated resources

- Administer gifts in manner consistent with the loyalty and devotion to their Lord expressed by the grantors

- Encourage gifts to the Church which can provide long lasting support

Endowment Rules

- Principal + inflation can not be spent

- Can not be used for operating expenses

- 50% - 80% invested in equities

- Yearly draw-down limited to 4%

- Distribution break-out:

     - 75% - Capital improvements or Debt reduction

     - 25% - Scholarships & Education

Benefits (current and future) from our Endowment


- Oil tank moved

- Insulation

- Playground

- Pastoral Sabbatical


- Handicap Bathroom

- Pastoral Sabbatical

- Elevator

- Scholarships

- Future Dreams