Greeters meet people as they come in to worship, provide them with the weekly bulletins, and are also available to answer questions and assist in many ways.  If you are new to us, know that our greets are there for you.



 1)      Pray – for our worship service, for new people about to visit, for parishioners, for the Holy Spirit to be with us and guide our thoughts and actions.

2)      Arrive 20 minutes before service.

3)      Make preparations for our guests – “clean the living room” –straighten the books and the area around entrance if necessary, have bulletins ready. (They are in the sacristy if not on the back table.)

4)      Wear name badge.

5)      Verify that the nursery attendants are in the building – we want visitors to know that our children are important.

6)      If a new family arrives, let them know that we have Sunday School during the first part of the service and that we have a nursery available if they’d like.  If they do want to participate in either, draft someone to help the children get to the right spot downstairs.

7)      5 minutes before the service ring bell 9 times.  (You can let children do this if you desire).

8)      Make announcement: In silence and in prayer let us prepare ourselves for the worship of God.

9)      Be sure to take attendance – or have someone else – or at least get a count.

10)   Near the end of the Prayers of the People notify the Sunday school teachers to send the children upstairs.

11)   Select 4 – 5 people to bring up the elements and assist them in lining up to process behind the acolytes.

12)   As soon as the Lord’s Prayer is finished send someone to tell the Nursery School teachers to bring the children upstairs to join their families for Communion.

13)   Greeters will release rows for Communion – acolytes first, followed by the choir, followed by the congregation.

14)   Assist any members who have trouble walking, and also watch that they can return to their seats without difficulty. If anyone is unable to come to the altar and would like to receive communion, please inform the priest and we will bring communion to them.

15)   Regulate the people that are going up for Communion from front to back. The rule should be that the flow to the rail be continual.

16)   After the service, put all kneelers back in position, collect left over bulletins, straighten as needed.

17)   Be prepared to accompany newcomers to coffee hour and introduce them to others.




General notes

1)      When seeing someone new look over their shoulder see Jesus – there is some reason Jesus has brought this person to us this day (may be good or bad). Jesus is saying – Look what I’ve brought you – my gift to you.

2)      Know that you will make a difference – have an impact on this visitor’s worship experience that day. They’ve already formed an opinion about us based on our website, our sign, our yard, landscaping, parking lot, etc. – then they meet you!

3)      If unable to serve please arrange for a sub and call the office so the master schedule can be changed.

4)      Be prepared to cover for one another if you see no greeters when you arrive. Also, some of our greeters are involved in Sunday School, etc.  Be ready to help out.

5)      Be aware of families with babies and children. Know who the nursery attendant is for that day. Take families downstairs (or have someone take them) and introduce them if they want to use the nursery.

6)      Schedule and list of all greeters are posted in the office, have been sent by email, and are on the Google Docs page. (They will be in the members section of our new webpage, too)

7)      The duties of ushers and greeters have been merged into this new position.

8)      Forgot someone’s name – “Hi, I don’t think we have had a chance to meet.” Or “Honestly, I’m sorry I forgot your name.” Smiles cover up! (Other ideas are in 2 yellow booklets.)

9)      Repeat names back to guests and newcomers.

10)    Free schedule to be at coffee hour. Invite newcomer to coffee hour – accompany them and introduce them to others.